Server rules by GM Team.

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Server rules by GM Team.

Post  Significant on Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:53 am

Welcome to AbstractRO.
These are a few rules and guides here in Abstract RO. However these guides will be revised or changed from time to time.

1. Fundamental Rights
i. Every player has their own rights of free developement of his/her own personaility in the server, just as long as he/she does not violate the rules nor other players.
ii. Everyone is equal regarding these rules. Discrimination of other player's gender, sex, descent, language, home and derivation, belief, religious and political points of view are PROHOBITED.
iii. Everyone is free to express free and publish his/her opinions orally in written forms/pictures. ABUSING this rule with FOUL words and NUDITY contents will be rewarded a "Ban/Mute/JailBurger" by the GM Team if caught.
iv. Every player regardless of age, sex, race and religions are WELCOMED in this server as we are trying to establish an international population of players from around the globe.

2. General Regulations

i. Enforcement
i.i The GM Team is responsible for the enforcement of these and following rules.
i.ii Punishment for violation of the server rules will be executed by the GM's. GM's are authorised to jail, mute or ban players temporarily or entirely from the game.
i.iii In result of PERMANANENT BAN, all former payments or forms of donation will expire, the characters will be frozen, zeny and items will be deleted.
i.iv A player who has been permanently banned by GM's has no right of compensation or claim for refund of his prepaid payments to acquire kafra points according to the terms and conditions.
i.v The rules and instruction of a GM have to be obeyed in any case.

ii. Hearing/Objection

i.i Everyone has the right for a hearing on the part of the below-mentioned Master Game Master if they feel unfairly treated by the Admin of GM Team.
i.ii The applicant has to request the hearing providing that they have screenshots, a description of the incident, evidence and a detailed proposal with the desired result.
i.iii Decisions of the GM's are definite and not refutable. In other words, GM's has the FINAL SAY.

iii. Admin GM.
i.i The Admin GM is the leader of the GM Team and he/she is responsible for all Management Operations in the server.
i.i The Admin GM or senior GMs is responsible for the GM's of his/her language area who in turn responsible for the operation of Rune Midgard.
i.ii The Admin GM's is authorised to execute an investigation and punishment if a corrupted GM is detected.

3. Behavioural Rules
i. Don't do anything stupid or wrong which you don't want others to do the same upon you. Be fair regarding every aspect of the game in cases of leveling, trading and controlling the fair gameplay in the server. Everyone is entitled to have fun in the game, no one is prohibited from doing so.
ii. Impersonation of GM or other players will not be tolerated. Otherwise prepare to receive a "BanBurger"
iii. Do not disrespect and criticize other players in game by using FOUL words. If you are caught you will receive a "MuteBurger".
iv. Be polite and be respected in game. Do not disrespect other players and be rude as you will not want them to do the same to you.
v. RACISM and usage of offensive names will not be tolerated. Automatic PermanentBan. You will not be forewarned.

4. In-game rules
i. Spamming skills such as "ICE WALL" to block castle entrance during the WOE/GUILD SIEGE period are not allowed. "JailBurger" will be rewarded immediately.
ii. Harassment, cursing and insulting and other personal affronts to other players and guilds will not be compromised. "Mute/JailBurger" will be rewarded. For repeated offense, "Ban/PermaBanBurger" will apply depending on the amount of warnings ignored.
iii. Fraud is the abuse of trade rules or the failure to comply with an obliging arrangement of any kind. Agreements have to be fully documented by screenshots. Punishment will be executed by the GM Team.
iv. Do not post any forms of misleading shopnames/chatrooms.
v. Responsibility of own items and equipments are at own risk.
vi. Spamming on flooding the air chats in towns, maps or anywhere in the server will be rewarded with "Mute/JailBurgers"
vii. Do not promote other servers in AbstractRO. "BanBurger" will be rewarded if caught.
viii. No nudity contents are to be posted in chats. Same goes to guild emblems, NO nude/obscene pics!
ix. When you are disguised in the Disguise Event, You are prohibited to enter PVP rooms or the leveling areas. Warning and "JailBurger" will be given.
x. No dueling in town. There are reason why the PVP room are created.
xi. Do not beg the GM or other players. It is your duty as a player to hunt and gain items by yourself as other players does the same too.
xii. Always respect other players in order for them to respect you too.
xiii. RACISM and usage of offensive names will not be tolerated. Automatic PermanentBan. You will not be forewarned.
xiv. If you are caught scamming/ cheating other players. You will receive a "BanBurger" if there are any form of Screenshot evidence provided to the GM Team.
xv. Always respect the GM Team members, it is essential as we are trying our best to help you in the game.
xvi. Do not place your chatrooms on the middle of the street in the city. Place em at the side so that it will not obstruct player's walk path.
xvii. Trade of accounts/characters/items/zeny for real money or other goods. Trade of account/characters for Zeny or other ingame values is NOT ALLOWED. "PermaBanBurger" will be rewarded if caught.
xviii. Any form of illegal/political figure character names are PROHIBITED. Example. ( George Bush, Mahatma Gandhi... etc ). "PermaBanBurger" will be rewarded if caught.
xix. Exploiting of bugs or the usage of 3rd Party Tools in order to conquer or defend a castle in WoE is FORBIDDEN. Otherwise expect a "Jail/Ban/PermaBanBurger" from the GM depending on the extent of abuse.
xx. The exploitation of faulty game parameters or programming will not be tolerated.

5. Technical Rules

i. Hacking.
# Distribution of advertisement for private servers, hacking websites or hacking tools,
# Modification of the client,
# Usage of unapproved clients,
# Usage of bots,
# Knowing attendance at the usage of a bot,
# Knowing that someone uses a bot and not informing a GM,
# Running a private server,
# Distribution of any illegal software,
# Increasing the amount of items or zeny by using above-mentioned programs,
# Maintaining several accounts in order to avoid gettind banned, especially holding several trial accounts,
# Distribution of possibilities how to hack community or private websites,
# Distribution of security holes or bugs,
# Any other action that could disturb the proper operation of the server, the client, the websites and the servers they are linked to.

ii. All under (i) listed actions may result in legal tracing from our side. All accounts which are linked to it, will be frozen. Everyone who takes part in such actions will be sued from our side, because of data manipulation and other EDV-delicts WITHOUT RESPECT FOR THEIR AGE, DERIVATION, REASONS, BACKGROUND OR CAUSE. All information about those people will be forwarded to our legal department without prior warning!

Abuse of any matters in the Hacking tab stated above will not be tolerated and compromised. "PermaBanBurger" will be rewarded if caught.

6. Pornographical Contents


Yours Truly,
S i g n i f i c a n c e
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Re: Server rules by GM Team.

Post  Ryu on Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:29 am

good job, on the rules alexys .. Razz hope they obey the ff. rules . !

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