Server Rules *Temporary* By GM Significance

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Server Rules *Temporary* By GM Significance

Post  acehaseo098 on Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:53 am

Welcome to AbstractRO.
These are a few rules and guides here in Abstract RO. However these guides will be revised or changed from time to time.

1. Always respect the GM Team members, it is essential as we are trying our best to help you in the game.
2. BOTTING/HACKING or usage of 3rd party programs are PROHIBITED as it will ruin the gameplay on the server.
3. Do not disrespect and criticize other players in game by using FOUL words. If you are caught you will be muted for 30mins immediately.
4. Impersonation of GM or other player characters will not be compromised. Otherwise prepare to receive a "BanBurger".
5. If you are caught scamming/ cheating other players. You will receive a "BanBurger" if there are any form of Screenshot evidence provided to the GM Team.
6. RACISM and usage of offensive names will not be tolerated. Automatic PermanentBan. You will not be forewarned.
7. Do not promote other servers in AbstractRO. "BanBurger" will be rewarded if caught.
8. Always respect other players in order for them to respect you too.
9. Do not place your chatrooms on the middle of the street in the city. Place em at the side so that it will not obstruct player's walk path.
10. Do not beg the GM or other players. It is your duty as a player to hunt and gain items by yourself as other players does the same too.
11. No dueling in town. There are reason why the PVP room are created.
12. Spamming will not be tolerated. Automatic 30minutes mute. Repeated offense will be muted for 1 day.
13. When you are disguised in the Disguise Event, You are prohibited to enter PVP rooms or the leveling areas. Warning and "JailBurger" will be rewarded.
14. Spamming skills such as "ICE WALL" to block castle entrance during the WOE/GUILD SIEGE period are not allowed. "JailBurger" will be rewarded immediately.
15. No nudity contents are to be posted in chats. Same goes to guild emblems, NO nude/obscene pics!

*To be revised*

Thank you.

Yours Truly,
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